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The federal report of 2002 waterfowl harvest is supposed to be posted
on their website this week. Someone posted this prelim of the Canada goose harvest. How is it that SD tops ND, with fewer hunters? Pressure? Quality hunting???


Here is a list of the top state in each flyway and the flyway total for
Canada goose harvests for the 2002-03 season:

Atlantic Flyway Total - 716,689
Pennsylvania - 199,941

Mississippi Flyway Total - 906,351
Minnesota - 235,604

Central Flyway Total - 587,253
South Dakota - 128,170

Pacific Flyway Total - 265,273
Oregon - 58,345

Minnesota and Pennsylvania are first and second respectively for the

For Canada, the total Canada goose harvest is 645,664 with Ontario
harvesting 160,474. Ontario would be the third highest state or province
for North America.
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