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2001 Success

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How did everyone do last year? Personally I took 15 roosters.
Also noticed the areas I hunted, populations were more dense than the previous year. Good sign I hope. Hopefully we have a nice dry warm spring for hatching to go along with the mild winter. If this happens, I predict a population explosion.
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Saw a lot of pheasants in very untraditional areas. We didn't persue them much, but took quite a few while scouting.

It looks to be another banner year.
We did very well down in the SW.It was pheasant shooting in Oct.The real pheasant hunting started after deer season.If they don't have a wet July there will be lots of birds.
The pheasant hunting is going to go up hill from here on boys. The dry cycle is happening. But it is bad for the ducks ;(
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