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15 Days!

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:D :D :lol: :p :p :laugh:
The arrangements are made! Now the countdown is on! In 15 days I will be boarding a plane from not so glorious Raleigh/Durham to beautiful Fargo! I am pumped! The license is purchased and some early season canadas are going to be shot at! (note that I say shot at)

This will round out my North Dakota waterfowling as I have hunted the past couple of regular seasons and even one Spring Conservation season.

In a summer when the temperatures in Durham have been hotter than ever, the average for this area is 40 days over 90 degrees and we are way beyond that already, I long to return to the Great Plains to take in all that is there. The thoughts of geese on the prairie keep me awake at night.

School is in full swing at NCSU this semester and, unfortunately, this will be my only trip home to ND this year. But, I have to take what I can get. Hopefully, once I am further into my degree I hope to spend a summer in ND doing an internship for DU or, preferably, Delta. If that happens I think I will definitely have to skip that Fall semester to stay in ND and shoot at some more birds.

I have only a few more things to take care of before I can leave. I have found out the hard way that one shotgun may not be enough. So, I will have to purchase a double shotgun case for the plane trip. (The old 11-87 let me down at the worse possible time last year so the Wingmaster will have to come too!)

I want to end by thanking my new wife for understanding my need to travel home to shoot at some birds. (Yes, now I have to ask, beg, whine, grovel, snivel, etc. to go on these trips!) And, I want to thank Chris and Eric for being great buds for putting up with this old rabbit choker who is stuck in NC!
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Robert we are going to have to put up with you again!! I guess us transplanted Rab*****okers need to stick together. At least I picked a decent state to move to. Enough bashing the poor boy in NC. Nice to hear that you'll be around for the early season. It should be some good shooting. I'm sure I'll see you sometime! Gotta get going to Fargo, the wife and I have a doctors appointment. The next manic waterfowler is due in Dec. We gotta make sure everything is ticking just right.
What what what?!?! I had no idea Doug, congrats!!!

Ya RC, I got work off already for when you come up so you don't have to worry about the scouting. I'll save a couple roosts and keep them virgin just for ya!

Don't give me the "shoot at" crap either. You better not miss at 15 yards!!! :wink: :p

Will somebody please tell me who invited Langager back????? :D
Glad to hear your coming back up!!! Should be a lot of fun hunting with you again although I will miss you on that opening weekend of ducks!!!! Who is going to help me retrieve the birds. Will have to also go out for a few of these :beer:

Way to go Doug!!!!!!! :thumb:
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