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10 Ga Shooters

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Hey you guys that shoot those big heavy pigs can you hit any thing with them? What the hell does a Rem sp 10 weigh any way? Do you swing them or do they swing you. How about a BPS 10 pump with the slides just slightly bent?Oh sweet Come on tell the truth Can you hit any thing with those pigs?
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Ok guys I just wanted to tease you a little. I used to shoot a 10 BPS. I change guns once in a while just for fun. They do throw a very nice pattern with the big loads . I might take crap for this but if you could get F shot to pattern and fly at 1500 fps this is what I would shoot at snow geese.I had my gunsmith take my factory BPS lead full choke that came with the gun and bore it. It was slightly under mod when he was done. This is a very economical way to try a different choke. It worked very well and shot good patterns of F. I dont shoot F because it is way too slow.
Goosebuster3 Be careful not to carry your gun by grabing around the slides. I dont use a sling and if you squeeze the slides while carrying it you will bend them slightly and make the gun harder to pump. So now all you 10 shooters get up early eat abig breakfast and lift some weights so that 10 doen't push you arround. good luck
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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