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wildlife populations

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    Most hunters don't apologize if their conversations drift to the coming fall hunting season while they are still enjoying summer fishing, camping or one of many other outdoor activities. We're prone to keeping one eye on the bobber and another on the calendar while our imagination ponders what...
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    By Doug Leier My job as an outreach biologist is everything from working with local media and civic and school groups, to checking on possible fish kills, and even surveillance of moose or other critters in places we'd rather not have them. Researchers weigh a fawn after fitting it with a...
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    by Doug Leier My short-term memory is sharp enough to recall that the 2013 winter lasted a little too long for my liking, and unless April cross-country skiing or snowmobiling are a draw, I'd suggest ice anglers had plenty of time from last December through March to give way to spring...
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    by Doug Leier For years, North Dakota Game and Fish Department biologists have stressed the importance of habitat in maintaining healthy wildlife populations in the long term. At the recent round of Game and Fish advisory board meetings, that topic got a lot of emphasis, and brought to light...
1-4 of 4 Results