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    Catching trout in still waters made easier with suggestion from Great Lakes maestro By Mitch Eeagan Driving the roadway along Lake Michigan's shoreline on the way to the launch and not a ripple could be spied. In fact, the lake was so calm it looked as if a layer of Saran Wrap had been...
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    By Nick Simonson What was planned out to be a two week course in fly tying, jig making and lure crafting was extended into a month-long lesson in how to dodge the weather and cope with an unpredictable spring that postponed class sessions and cancelled fishing days altogether. But my class...
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    By Nick Simonson While on my way between two of my favorite spots on the little trout stream near my house, an older gentleman and his wife slowed down in their Jeep and stopped me on the road back to my car. "Did you leave any for me," he questioned. "Yup, they all went back, safe and...
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    By Nick Simonson It wasn't the time or place for it, that's for sure. But I made the call as I sent my shrimp out, rotating around the egg sinker like the moon orbiting the earth in fast-motion. As it splashed down into the aquamarine inshore water, for some reason I said to my...
1-4 of 4 Results