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    It won't be long until we're on the ice chasing walleyes. There are a lot of different ways to catch walleyes under the ice, but it seems like many, maybe even most walleye ice-anglers like to use spoons. There's a good reason for that: spoons and other styles of hard baits catch walleyes really...
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    Most bodies of water across the Midwest now have a coat of ice, and it looks like the fish have been eagerly awaiting the ice. Many anglers are reporting outstanding fishing when the weather is right. Fish are kind of like most fishermen. They don't like the extreme cold weather too much, but...
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    Walleyes are often the quarry of early-season ice anglers. Walleyes will respond to a number of different lure types under the ice, but they especially like to eat spoons. From new ice to late ice, walleyes like flashy baits. There are a bunch of different types of spoons available to walleye...
1-3 of 3 Results