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  1. Canada Goose Hunting
    Just as each waterfowler has their favorite techniques to pursue waterfowl they also have their preference of shotgun shells. The selection is generally made based of several different factors that include: manufacturer reputation, availability, cost, past experiences, etc. Although each of...
  2. Canada Goose Hunting
    By Kevin Hayer Last spring I was invited to a CONCEP nontoxic shot seminar presented by Tom Roster and hosted by the N.D Game & Fish Department. CONCEP is short for Cooperative North American Shotgunning Education Program which is an international education and research program. CONCEP is...
  3. Fox and Coyote Hunting
    Our Outdoors Nick Simonson An old neighbor of mine who was just as good at busting sporting clays on the skeet range as he was at busting my chops regarding my tales of fishing and hunting misadventure, asked me what my problem was when he read I didn't get a deer on opening weekend a few...
1-3 of 3 Results