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    A new fishing season is underway. Some anglers commit themselves to trying new baits and techniques every new season. They feel that trying new things makes them a more complete, versatile angler, and they're right. If you're one of those curious people who wants to catch more fish, and if you...
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    About this time every year I start thinking about new or existing open water fishing techniques that I want to learn more about. One of the real keys to fishing success is being versatile. There are lots of ways to catch fish. Some techniques are kind of seasonal, others work better for bigger...
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    We're into the summer bite! For most species of fish, the spawn is over and the predator fish have one thing on their mind: Food! Their only concern for the rest of the summer is eating. If we want to catch more fish, we need to be where they're eating, and then we need to put a bait in front...
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    By Bob Jensen Planer boards have been a part of many a walleye anglers' arsenal for a long time. Salmon and trout anglers also employ boards frequently. Planer boards do so many good things when a trolling presentation is called for. They enable an angler to get lines and baits out away from...
1-4 of 4 Results