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    I've been getting peppered with questions about winter and wildlife since the snow began to fall and the wind started to blow back in late November and early December. Until just recently, the snow continued to accumulate, and the wind continued to blow it around, while temperatures plunged...
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    In July most people are still associating the outdoors with fishing, boating or camping, but it's also a time when talk of hunting starts working its way into conversations. And that seems only logical, considering the early Canada goose season, the first major 2016 "fall" hunting season, opens...
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    I've always enjoyed my final column of the year and first column of the next year, as a kind of closing one door and then looking ahead to what may or may not be coming for the next year. This year, instead of one review and one preview, I'll cover the past and future for several topics over...
1-3 of 3 Results