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    Last fall I wrote about specific restrictions that regulate the importation of deer carcasses and heads from other states, and the rules for transporting deer out of deer hunting Unit 3F2 in south central North Dakota. Unit 3F2, located west of the Missouri River and bordering the South Dakota...
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    North Dakota's 2016 deer gun season opens Nov. 4 at noon and as the saying goes, if you want to participate, you need a deer license, and if you want a license, you need to draw one in the lottery. The first step to drawing a license in the lottery is applying by June 1, the 2016 deadline...
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    As the sun sets on the 2015 deer gun season, the State Game and Fish Department is already well into the process of thinking about next year and beyond. Agency biologists and administrators are close to finalizing a new plan that will guide deer management for the next five years, with a goal...
1-3 of 3 Results