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    By Bob Jensen A lot of time when we talk about ice-fishing, we talk about being mobile, especially from mid ice-fishing season to the end of the season. We refer to this mobility as "trolling on ice". In short, "trolling on ice" means you pop a bunch of holes and just keep moving until you...
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    Ice Fishing Rigs - Big Bluegills By Nick Simonson For the past few weekends, I have been exploring a small impoundment about twenty minutes from home. Rumor had it that big bluegills roamed the basin out from the public access, but all my efforts had produced over the past month was a...
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    By Nick Simonson I often think back fondly to my times while ice fishing tip ups growing up in North Dakota. For those anglers who love to chase a waiving flag across the ice, there's no better place than the Peace Garden State, where on hardwater, fishermen are allotted four lines with no...
1-3 of 3 Results