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  1. Duck Hunting
    By PJ Maguire Life is just a series of moments where you connect with another person, place, or feeling. Every bird dog I have ever owned has had it's own moments. These were times when dogs did remarkable things based on minimal training and experience. These moments seem to burn deeper in...
  2. Pheasant Hunting
    By Doug Leier Looking back over the history of hunting and conservation in North Dakota, there's never a shortage of topics warranting a double-take. Even the contemporary populations of Canada geese, and realizing we're allotting 100,000 more deer tags than in the 1970s fit that category...
  3. Pheasant Hunting
    By PJ Maguire Dogs are companions, first and foremost. As hunters with retrievers, we should always keep that in mind when training, hunting or playing with our dogs. The vast majority of your retriever's life will be spent going for walks and chasing butterflies, not hunting. However, it is...
1-3 of 3 Results