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  1. Canada Goose Hunting
    By Chris Hustad My phone rang late last summer and my good friend Lyle Sinner was on the other end. His call was straight to the point, "Hey Chris, are you interested in heading to Montana to goose hunt?" While it took all of about 2 seconds for me to decide, my decision was an obvious YES...
  2. Outdoor Gear
    By Doug Leier Non hunters and hunters who don't target Canada geese may be a bit take off guard when learning those hunters they've seen and heard are out taking part in the early Canada goose season in North Dakota--for good reason. In 1988 the US Fish and Wildlife Service annual spring...
  3. Canada Goose Hunting
    By Perry Thorvig There has been a lot written about the tactics needed to shoot snow geese. There are decoyers, sneakers, pushers and pass-shooters. We will see all kinds this spring as we look for opportunities to thin the population of snow geese. They may all have their place. I am one of...
  4. Duck Hunting
    By PJ Maguire There has been a lot written about shooting shotguns and the different roles of shot size, chokes, etc. It seems to me that every article I have read about shooting agrees on one thing; you can have the right choke with the right load, but if you cannot shoot, it won't...
1-4 of 4 Results