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    Rummaging through drawers on one of the few cold and blustery days of winter, I came across a hidden pocket of stuff. Crushed into the back corners were a few of the "old" paper fishing and hunting licenses I used to buy at a gas station on one of those sneaky warm April days in years gone by...
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    by Doug Leier A new law came into effect on April 1st that requires a North Dakota driver's license number or state-issued photo ID number for most people wanting to buy a resident hunting or fishing license. Since this new law directly affects the deer license application process that will...
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    by Doug Leier Just about this time last year, the North Dakota legislature was working through a bill that would raise fees for many of the state's hunting and fishing licenses. Eventually, Senate Bill 2231 passed the state senate overwhelmingly by a 39-6 vote, and the house followed suit...
1-3 of 3 Results