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    By Nathan Shore Giant walleyes prowl through weeds all summer long, yet they're pretty safe from most fishermen. Sure, you can know they're in there, but getting them out is a challenge. Few anglers know more about getting big walleyes out of the weeds long-time guide and author of...
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    By Nathan Shore When winter fails to take its exit cue, the underwater world slows down. Migrations are postponed and late winter patterns linger, creating spectacular opportunities for the walleye-season opener. Mike Christensen has been guiding walleye fishermen on opening day in...
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    by Bob Jensen If you want to be successful when you go fishing, you need to first, find the fish. Once you've done that, you need to give them what they want to eat. If you do those two things, you'll catch more fish more often. One really important thing to remember is that fish behave...
1-3 of 3 Results