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    Even with more places to fish, boat and enjoy the water than ever before in North Dakota, the increase in opportunity also means an increase in anglers, boats and personal watercraft. It's a unique combination that can lead to isolated problems at boat ramps when everyone has the same idea: Get...
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    Through trial and error as kids or adults, many of us learn skills that stick with us the rest of our lives. Don't pull onto the ramp until your boat is ready to launch One of those skills that is quite useful this time of year and into the summer is backing a boat trailer down a ramp...
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    by Bob Jensen How you load and unload your boat at the boat ramp may not have an impact on how many fish you catch, but getting it in the water can set the tone for the day, for you and for any other angler that's waiting to put their boat in the water. Unloading your boat should be a quick...
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    By Doug Leier I've always found it interesting how some skills in life stay with us no matter how many years of rust we allow to accumulate. Things like riding a bike or driving a manual transmission vehicle, or perhaps water skiing, tying a hook on a line or filleting a fish, are once-used...
1-4 of 4 Results