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    When North Dakota's regular deer gun season closes - this year on Sunday, Nov. 20 - it's kind of a bittersweet end to the traditional hunting calendar for a lot of folks. But for some avid upland bird hunters, the end of deer gun season is a new beginning of sorts, as most of the state's major...
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    For hunters my age, the acronym HIP associated with the outdoors isn't anything new. While anywhere beyond two decades ago, HIP might have meant "aware" or "fashionable," to those of us familiar with the migratory bird hunting world today, it also refers to the Harvest Information Program...
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    By Doug Leier I've learned through watching, listening and observing my kids how routine questions can often perplex adults. It's easy to just brush it off with a quick reply of "I don't know" or some other redirection response. Banding data is useful in measuring hunting pressure and...
1-3 of 3 Results