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March 24, 2009 by  

By Chris Hustad

There are a lot of new and existing products on the market today that are becoming popular “must have” items for spring goose decoyers in the flyways. Keep your eye on the following products to help make your hunt more efficient and successful.

Field Shuttle

Decoying spring snow geese is not a sport for the weak or the lazy, as it’s often very difficult to do. As winter changes to spring, and the snow and frost line diminish, it leaves a sloppy ground in the process. This makes walking in and out of fields extremely challenging and very tiring. I can honestly admit I’ve spent as much as 5 hours in the setup process, because of walking our decoys in one load at a time.

The key to making this process efficient is of course to make as few trips as possible into the field, and up until now that involved some ingenius ideas. That’s where the field shuttle comes in. The field shuttle is a big sled equipped with a canvas top that can be enclosed to keep decoys and gear in. This sled can hold around 1000 windsocks, and can handle most snow goose hunter’s gear in just one load. It comes in a variety of camo patterns, and can also be used to lay on to keep a hunter out of the muddy elements of the spring. This product has been around for a couple years, but only recently has it become the buzz of spring snow goose hunters up and down the flyways.


I don’t think anyone can argue that to date, there is no decoy more effective for snow goose hunting than the windsock. The reasons are simple: portability, ease of setup, movement, and low cost in comparison to other decoys on the market. And with some minor changes to the body and stake, the decoy hasn’t changed much since their inception. Well the biggest change in windsocks is happening this spring with the introduction of the new sillosocks. The sillosock is essentially a silhouette decoy combined with a windsock. What makes this windsock different from any other is on the basic design. The stake is mounted in the head, it’s constructed of a more durable tyvek that keeps it’s shape in no wind situations, and has the custom painted look that’s been lacking in every manufactured windsock to date (the blues look awesome). And it’s coupled with a price tag that’s attractive in comparison to other custom painted windsocks that are available. Snow goose hunting is a numbers game, and you don’t want to acquire numbers while sacraficing quality. The sillosock should have it’s place in snow goose hunting for years to come.

Now Available in the Store:

Snow Goose Decoys

Blue Goose Decoys

Snow Goose CD

Finally, there is an excellent snow goose sounding CD on the market. If you’re not careful, you’ll end up some some tapes or CDs that’ll collect dust. I know, I’ve got a drawer full of just that. But I’m now confident in the new snow goose tape or CD that has the realism that’s needed. “Snow Talker” by Performance Calls has high quality recordings of feeding and flying geese up close. These aren’t the sounds of a distant flock or of goose calls, but of individual and multiple geese making feeding grunts, wheezes and barks that no other recording has. Realism counts in a snow goose CD, make the right decision the first time and look into this CD.

Snow Goose Windlifes

One of my personal favorite decoy accessories are the windlife decoy heads. They turn your motionless full body decoys and make them “come alive”. While the flocked Canada goose heads are becoming common, few have taken advantage of their snow and blue goose head styles. You can transform your Canada goose decoys into blues with the addition of these heads. Not only will this add more decoys to your spread, but the white moving motion draws attention and the realism will help comfort pressured birds. Making the transition takes seconds and are easy to store.


Okay, so this product was a hot product last fall, but it’s worth mentioning again this spring. The Xterminator backpack blind by GooseView is the ultimate spring snow goose hunting blind. The reasons are simple: portability, fast setup, low profile, and extremely affordable with a price tag at $200. If you need to get in and out easily, a blind that fits on your back is a life saver.

Goose Gloves

Snow goose hunting is a numbers game, and goose gloves make it easier to turn your other goose decoys into snow/blue geese. They save you money and space and is a simple way for the diehard full body decoyers to hunt snow geese without starting from scratch. The Goose Glove isn’t new, but some recent changes are worth mentioning. They have a stronger design and have new detailing on the blues. Cleaning them is as easy as a load in the washing machine.

Before you know it, the snows will be in our backyards again.

Eye’s to the sky…


2 Comments on "Hot Spring Goose Hunting Gear"

  1. Steven Studer on Mon, 21st Mar 2011 6:55 pm 

    you mention the sled for hauling gear and the goose glove. BUT where does one buy these things???

  2. admin on Mon, 21st Mar 2011 7:04 pm 

    That company (gooseview) I don’t think is in business anymore.

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