Predator Hunting Tips

February 13, 2009 by  

By the Nodak Outdoors Community

Recently, I asked the Predator Hunting forum here at Nodak Outdoors to pass on some of the most overlooked predator hunting tips. Within the day, there was a wide variety of responses. Here are some predator hunting tips that will hopefully bag more fur!

(There has been a second article in the series, check out more at Predator Hunting Tactics.)

Predator Calling Tips

Never under-estimate the hearing, vision, or scent of a coyote

Never under-estimate the hearing, vision, or scent of a coyote

“The use of e-callers can really hurt your success when played too long. Should keep the calling brief, and the waiting and watching more played out. I like to say about 8-15 seconds calling, 2 minutes watching and waiting.” – wigglesworth

“When using an e-caller don’t blow them out with too much volume.Very little volume the first 5 mins.” – 1lessdog

“I am a firm believer in starting out with a hurt pup or hurt coyote especially after all the young ones have been shot or when their numbers have been reduced. I can’t tell why it works as good as it does. It might be that when they hear that sound it gets those adults aroused enough to come and investigate. I don’t think a lot of the callers are taking advantage of that call. As the season goes on the predators have heard all kinds of distress sounds and are pretty well wised up especially the one that have been called and shot at. Of course I am Partial to the howling aspect all year round. Next time out give it a try. You might be surprised.” – jerry hunsley

“This is a trick I learned here in West Virginia. Try using a crow call every 15 minutes or so for about 30 seconds. It is normal for crows to follow coyotes and will put them at ease. There are other birds that do the same in other parts of the country. I think they’re magpies… Anyway it will help to coax the call shy dogs in to you. If you call in a hawk try mimicking a crow fighting with the hawk. I probably call in about 25-30% more coyotes now that I added the crow call to my arsenal. Also if you see crows coming your way, get ready. They’re usually following or leading a crow. Just make sure you don’t spook the crows. They’re like extra eyes for the coyotes…” – price403

“Howling has become very importats in my hunting strategies. During early and late fall it seems to work quite well. There are still alot of young of the year dogs around looking for company. Dec and Jan I primarily stick with distress calls. In late Feb and March breeding pairs are establishing territories and challenging can bring some explosive results. If you want to be sucessful howling use a good howler stay away from electronics. They just don’t have the emotion!” – yooperyotebuster

“It has been my experience if a coyote howls quite some distance away, he will not come. Two reasons: You may be in another coyotes territory and there is a territorial line, or it simply to far to come. In those cases I try to move closer by quite a bit and give him the hurt pup or hurt coyote sound. That will work a lot of the times. Don’t be too quick to leave. Give him another howl and glass the area. There may be other coyotes that didn’t howl coming. Once in awhile when you howl and another one answers you start a chain reaction and all hell breaks loose.” – jerry hunsley

“What you should always do is call into the wind.The cover scent doesnt work.If they smell that they are going to smell you. When you get to a spot to call.Take your sqeeker out and use that for a min. or so.Alot of times when you blow a hard call if a Fox or Coyote is close you will spook them .If after a couple of mins nothing comes in go to a hard call.And blow it like I said.I like to call from the top of hills or fence lines,drainage ditchs.creeks. If you see tracks theres anaimals around.And just find a good spot to call and go at it.” – 1lessdog

“My advice would be to sound different. Now days with electronic callers, a lot of different callers are sounding the same. Even the same guy sounds the same the next time he returns to the same spot. You should sound unique and different every time you call the same spot twice. Especially the later in the year when they have heard most calling scenarios.” – papapete

Jamie Olson taking fur in Arizona - theres always more predator hunting tips to learn

Jamie Olson taking fur in Arizona - there's always more predator hunting tips to learn

Predator Hunting Setups

“The use of cover scents. I am convinced that they increase my success.” – coyote204

“Set up so downwind doesn’t have heavy cover. If the yote wants to get downwind this will force him into the open. They don’t like that and many times will quarter with the wind to you, or they present a wide open shot.” – Plainsman

Predator Hunting Shooting Tips

“Don’t miss, they get educated real fast.” – north14

“Don’t get hung up with rifles and calibers. For 99% of your predator hunting(unless you shoot pararie dogs) a standard sporter weight rifle in .223 or .22-250 is plenty.” – Remington 7400

“Shoot a rifle designed to kill Coyotes.Dont shot a little pop gun at them.They deserve more.” – 1lessdog

Predator Hunting Concealment Tips

“Be careful when crossing fences. Remember the tin can and wire you used as a telephone when you were a kid. Wire will carry the noise much further than you think, when it squeaks, while you shove it half way to the ground to get over.” – Plainsman“When getting into a high spot to increase your vantage point, do not skyline yourself.” – Fallguy

“A coyote’s instinct is to go to the highest point in the area it is hunting to look around, watch the hilltops and stay off them.” – buckseye

“Make sure your coyote hunting vehicle is quiet(good muffler, dont rattle doors that need to be slammed to shut…ect), well hidden and walk a long way from it before starting to call.” – Jaybic

“If you have a hunting buddy play drop and roll. Slow down enough to let him out, and then keep on going. Stop a mile away so he can signal you to return. Using this method 300 yards off the road will get you coyotes in some areas. I guess it goes without saying take turns.” – Plainsman

“Stay high so you can see them coming in.Lay down on the top of the hill with a matching camo.” – 1lessdog

“Make Your Own Gillie Suit
– I used an old pair of camo pants and jacket (BDU’s from an army surplus store).

– Then I used an old volleyball net or badmition net.

– I just the net into squares that I sewed onto the pants (a section of squares on the quad, hamstring, shin and calf area.) The on the jacket (bicep, tricep, front and back of jacket, and thent he for arms). You section it out for better movement.

– Sew it on with waxed dental floss (non-scented).

– Then you just use some shoe goo or other adhesive on the knots.

– Then all you do is cut some jute twine into desired lengths and dye them to the color of your area….I used dark green, black, brown, and then the twine color.

-Then start to tie on the twine to the sqaures until you get the desired pattern/coverage.

The one good thing is that if you get alot of burrdocks or stickys you can just cut them out and add more twine.” – Chuck Smith


11 Comments on "Predator Hunting Tips"

  1. chase on Wed, 2nd Dec 2009 11:09 pm 

    hi my name is chase im just starting to call coyotes i live in a very good place to do it but i will be using mouth calls because i do not like e-calls and dont have the money for a decent one but is there any tips anyone can give me on how to use mouth calls and any other predator hunting tips again i am new to predators hunting and i am 18 so anything will help

  2. admin on Thu, 3rd Dec 2009 10:32 am 

    Chase, check out the Coyote Hunting Forum:

    LOTS of topics on mouth calls. Good luck!

  3. Curtis on Mon, 21st Dec 2009 10:36 pm 

    Hi i am just getting started predator hunting and my friend asked me to go with him in a contest in January. I live in eastern montana and was wondering if anyone had any ideas on how i might make a winter gillie suit. Also if calling in river bottoms would produce any coyotes. Thank you for any ideas and merry Christmas.

  4. mike davis on Sun, 7th Feb 2010 1:33 pm 

    Recenctly purchased a powerdogg calling unit to start pred. hunting. We have had little sucess of seeing or hearing any thing we now the animals are there by the sign we find mostly in grvel roads. they are little hunting pressure on the coyotes what could we try or maybe not do in are sitution.thanks mike se oklahoma

  5. Chris on Thu, 11th Feb 2010 2:34 pm 

    I just started about 6 months ago. I have great luck on the Edge of farm fields, especially the fields that have hawks patrolling them! I use both a foxpro and hand calls. I have better luck with the hand calls. Go to varmentals web page. Lots of good sounds to DL and listen and practice with your own hand call.

  6. Brandon on Mon, 25th Oct 2010 10:25 am 

    im just startin huntin predators. im gonna get a mouth call and was wondering what other calls would be the best ones to use . im hunting on a large open place that has a lot of wooded areas around it . and alot of predator digest. thanks for your help

  7. tim on Sun, 28th Nov 2010 11:41 am 

    i would love to hunt coyotes /wolves they have decimated our deer herds here in upsate new york where i live surrounded on 4 sides by 3800+ forests, meadows, orchards, and open hard woods, with swamps etc in five yrs now i have not seen one fawn make it one year i have no young deer anymore the wolfe reintroduction has killed off so many deer in central nythata the state raised the price to hunt , to do it all bow, muzzel loader, small game, big game, fishing… now cost 100.00 and you have to pay 10.00 for doe permits that too is problematic i want to shoot coyote wolf hybreds by calling them in range of my 25/06 rem or 204 ruger ,or 12 ga shotgun ,just in case close range shot is needed in a hurry i have all the equipment needed to hunt em but lack the knowledge to do it for fear stands in the way of hunting alone i am a good shot as all i do being disabled is bench rest shoot my rifles at paper and fish , for more shells to shoot more any advice respected tim

  8. branden on Thu, 28th Apr 2011 9:39 am 

    Me and my buddy have been hunting and calling the coytoes in for three night now. But he misses because the only come in close enough to see them through the scope. I just need a tatic to get the dogs in!

  9. Stewy Thompson on Thu, 22nd Dec 2011 5:41 pm 

    Hi. I’m 14 years old, and live in West Virginia. I have just started coyote hunting, by myself, and haven’t even had an answer for one yet. I’m using hand calls, specifically a “Cedar Hill Distressed Rabbit”, a “Cedar Hill Distressed Fawn”, a “Primos Still Cottontail Rabbit”, and a “Johnny Stewart Song Dog”. I am having trouble with the “Distressed Fawn”, and the “Still Cottontail Rabbit”. I am better with the Primos, so if anyone on here owns one of the, “Cedar Hill Distressed Fawn” calls, I would greatly appreciate any advice on how to use it. I am also having some trouble howling with the “Song Dog”. I’m pretty sure nobody can give me any advice on howling, but if you can, it will be greatly appreciated also.

  10. Andrew on Sat, 12th May 2012 8:35 pm 

    You don’t really have to howl that much just use the your call and bark

  11. Ronald LaFountain AKA:Frenchy on Thu, 17th May 2012 2:45 pm 

    Can any one Give me any pointers,i an new to hunting even thought i am 65.Lost my teeth to cancer face is parilized,so can i use an electronic game call in MI?in the summer to hunt coyotes?Am sarry for this also had a base ball size tumor in head,not the sharpest troop on the block,yes i am an old Viet Nom Vet,21 yrs in the Air Force,sarry some times i get carried away since the tumor.Frenchy

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