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The Nodak Outdoors has endless fishing opportunties. The Red River is quietly one of the premier catfisheries in the country. Big catfish can be found all summer. They can be found all season long. Perch fishing is most known in Devils Lake, but record class perch comes out of dozens of lakes. Perch are mostly persued in the winter. North Dakota isn’t known for it’s bass, but there’s 2 bodies of water that are proven; Nelson Lake for largemouth and Lake Sakakawea for smallmouth bass.

When the fall rolls around, look out for Lake Sakakawea salmon fishing. This lake is home to the most reputable class of fish. Right below Lake Sakakawea you’ll find the Garrison Tailrace. Here you’ll find a large assortment of trout. When the lines get tight, you never know what you’ve landed, and that’s the uniqueness of the Garrison Tailrace. If you’re looking for paddlefish, you’ve got a great chance at a trophy up in the Williston area.

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