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Here’s some favorite northern pike recipes of ours.

Pickled Northern Pike Recipe

This recipe can be used with any fish but northern pike works best. Before using this recipe be sure to freeze the fish at least 5 days. This will destroy any parasites that are present in the fish or bacteria that may have been picked up during the cleaning process.


5 pounds of fish chunked
2.5 cups of canning salt
1 gallon of bottled water
1 quart distilled vinegar
5.5 cups of sugar
4 teaspoons pickling spice
1 cup dry white wine
1 onion cut into pieces

In a plastic container dissolve the 2.5 cups of salt in the gallon of bottled water and add chunked fish. Refrigerate for 48 to 72 hours. Remove fish and rinse in cold water. Cover fish with white vinegar for 24 hours and refrigerate.

Remove fish from vinagar and pack in jars with pieces of onion. Cover with the following solution.

–1 quart distilled vinegar
–5 1/2 cups sugar
–4 teaspoons of pickling spice
–1 cup dry white wine

Bring all ingredients to a boil except the dry wine. When solution has cooled add the dry white wine and cover fish. Seal with lids that have been scalded. Refrigerate at least one before eating.

Grilled Northern Pike Recipe

(5-7 pound northern work best)

Fillet Northern and remove Y bones. Place whole fillet on tinfoil that has been greased with cooking spray or butter. Baste fish with a combination of lemon pepper and liquid butter. The size of the fillet will dictate cooking time. Start off with low heat to make sure the fish does not burn.

This is really simple and is one of the best ways to enjoy northern pike


17 Comments on "Northern Pike Recipe List"

  1. Marne on Sun, 6th Dec 2009 11:27 pm 

    I want to pickle some Northern Pike using your recipe. I’m wondering if all of the bones need to be removed. Someone told me the y-bones would disolve in the pickling solution. Is this true? Thanks!

  2. Zach on Sun, 20th Dec 2009 7:55 pm 

    The brine will disolve the Y-Bones.

  3. Paul on Fri, 1st Jan 2010 5:26 pm 

    I’ve been using your pickling recipe for two years now. It’s a curse! Now all my friends are bringing me their Northerns to pickle for them 🙂 They love it.

  4. Marne on Wed, 6th Jan 2010 1:02 pm 

    Could you please clarify what the missing word is in the final step of the pickling process: “Refrigerate at least one before eating.” I’m assuming one WEEK?? Thanks!

  5. G. R. Gauer on Sun, 14th Feb 2010 1:54 am 

    What is the time you “refrigerate” before eating????

  6. G. R. Gauer on Sun, 14th Feb 2010 1:56 am 

    What is the length of time to refridgerate on the last step?

  7. admin on Mon, 15th Feb 2010 12:47 pm 

    This should be around 5-7 days (1 week to be safe). It really depends on how thick you slice the northern, the thicker, the longer.

  8. Mike on Mon, 12th Jul 2010 11:15 am 

    First time I have tried this, how long will this last while refrigerated. Can you also leave out at room tempertures while sharing with friends.

  9. Tammy Anderson on Fri, 29th Oct 2010 8:06 pm 

    Thank you for this wonderful recipe. This is up and beyond. The fish were firm, the texture was terrific. Everyone that had a sample was so impressed. We were told it was better than a store brand. Grant it the store brand is herring, but this is up and beyond.

  10. Tammy Anderson on Fri, 29th Oct 2010 8:17 pm 

    The only thing that I changed was: It calls for 4 teaspoons of pickling spice. I did add extra pickling spice to each jar.

  11. Jeff on Sun, 20th Mar 2011 7:15 pm 

    How long will the fish keep? does it need to be refridgerated? Although, becuse it taste incredible, I do not anticipate it lasting long.

  12. admin on Mon, 21st Mar 2011 10:22 am 

    I would refrigerate after opening. To be honest, once it’s opened we’ve never had it open for a week before it was gone.

  13. Jeff on Tue, 22nd Mar 2011 7:39 pm 

    How long will it last in a non-refrigerated environment if it is not opened, (shelf Life)?

  14. mary pilz on Fri, 30th Dec 2011 11:53 pm 

    do u have to refrigerate while in the first phase with just the pickling salt????

  15. Beer Belly on Sat, 24th Mar 2012 8:46 am 

    Keep your fish cold all the way through I just did a batch and its great! I think you should whait at least a cuppel of weeks befour trying it out. Good luck!

  16. Nancy on Sun, 11th Nov 2012 7:57 pm 

    I don’t see where the shelf life has been given for the pickled northern. Do they always have to be stored in the refrigerator especially if I am making several jars at a time? Would like to put some aside for future use.

  17. Bonnie on Thu, 1st Sep 2016 4:57 pm 

    I’m from northern Minnesota. Our lake has always been a good walleye lake….until the invasive Rusty Crawfish took over. Now our walleye catch is very limited. HOWEVER, the Northern Pike are caught in abundance. We have always thrown them back because we didn’t care to eat them. But, I have a question…. a few years ago we tasted home canned (or pickled). We were told it was canned/pickled with tomato juice. It looked and tasted exactly like canned salmon. If you know of such a recipe, I would really appreciate hearing about it. Thank you! (651-341-3468 cell)

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