NDTRAX 2013: The Best GPS Hunting Map

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NDTRAX 2013 Released

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products has completed the spring 2013 release (v6.0) of the TRAX series of maps. “The product continues to break new ground in the mapping industry and is the best Garmin Hunting GPS Map ever created,” said Korey Kirschenmann, Owner of Kirsch’s Outdoor Products.


Here is a preview of the NDTRAX 2013


Private Land Ownership:
With the release of the 2013 maps, the NDTRAX map now includes private land ownership information in 13 counties and the list of counties is expected to grow. The counties with private land ownership information for ND includes:  Billings, Burleigh, Cass, Emmons, Griggs, McKenzie, Morton, Mountrail, Pembina, Ramsey, Richland, Sheridan, and Williams. “Many additional counties are very close to getting their paper records on various GIS systems making the conversion to a GPS map possible, said Kirschenmann.”


Contact Phone Numbers:

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products is extremely excited to announce the addition of Contact Phone Numbers to the NDTRAX map. For TRAX maps which include private land ownership information, approximately 45% of the private land ownership records include contact phone numbers. “This is truly a first and a feature that sets TRAX maps apart from any other potential GPS mapping option,” said Kirschenmann.


New Background Data:
A new background layer was added to NDTRAX. This layer provides access to vital information listing multiple data elements simply by selecting a spot on the GPS map. “It can be hard for some users to determine all the relevant information about a spot quickly on a GPS,” said Korey Kirschenmann. “By adding this feature, a user on a Garmin handheld GPS can see the Deer, Lion, and Elk Unit, County, and Township Range and Section # information all at the same time in one list.”


Interface Changes:
Road, Trail, Major River, and Game Management Unit line widths were increased and colors changed to increase feature visibility.

The Township, Range and Section number format changed to
T14n R70w S16.

New Website:
Kirsch’s Outdoor Products has released a new version of their website at koutdoorproducts.com.


Online Update Tool:
Kirsch’s Outdoor Products will be releasing an online update tool. “This tool is scheduled to release in April,” said Korey Kirschenmann. “This new tool will provide a way for users to get access to an update immediately versus waiting 7-10 days due to shipping transit times. Many customers will still choose to mail it to us, and that is fine, said Korey, but some people need a map updated right away.” The cost is still the affordable price of $20 for a single state update or $40 for the regional package updates of TRAXWest, TRAXWest+, and TRAXNW+.

TRAXWest Changes:
With the substantial increase in data on TRAX maps and specific Garmin limitations to map sizes, ID and MN have been removed from the TRAXWest package. Any current owner of a 2012 or earlier TRAXWest or TRAXWest+ map, will receive, at their request, these states in addition to TRAXWest when they update their maps.

Lowrance – Last Chance:
Due to a diminished demand of the TRAX product line for Lowrance devices, this is the last year Kirsch’s Outdoor Products will be producing and supporting Lowrance maps. This is your last chance to get TRAX maps on Lowrance devices. No updates will be provided for this product beyond 2013. For existing TRAX Lowrance customers, If you decide in the future to move to the Garmin platform, Kirsch’s Outdoor Products will update you to the comparable Garmin version for free.

Other State Changes:
TRAX maps are now available for AZ, CO, ID, MN, MT, ND, NM, NV, OR, UT, WA, and WY,. The biggest changes to other states includes the addition of private land ownership information and contact phone numbers for MT, ND, NM, OR, WA, and WY. The number of counties which include private land ownership varies on a state by state basis. See the individual state information on our website, to determine the applicable counties.


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