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November 4, 2010 by  

TRAX PC – The Adventure Continues!

Kirsch’s Outdoor Products is announcing the immediate release of TRAX PC. This product takes the power of TRAX GPS maps and overlays the GPS sportsman map details on the satellite imagery of Google Earth.

“The feedback of the TRAX maps has been amazing,” said Korey Kirschenmann, Owner of Kirsch’s Outdoor Products. “The one consistent request was the ability to see the same type of information on a computer before going outdoors just like they could see on their smaller GPS screens.

When I spoke to customers on what tools they currently use, many were using Google Earth as this allowed them to see the actual land before going outdoors. Kirsch’s Outdoor Products is driven to help sportsmen and women with their favorite outdoor passions, and the result is the addition of TRAX PC.”

Imagine being able to zoom into the Badlands of North Dakota or the forest areas of Montana in Google Earth. Google Earth shows the satellite/aerial imagery and then can be switched into terrain (3-d) mode and shows the natural contours of the land. To top it off, using TRAX PC for your state, now you will see all the borders of the public lands including Grasslands, BLM, Forest, State, and other land so you know exactly where those borders are right in Google Earth. You can do all your homework right on your computer and save countless hours or day.

TRAX PC can be used before and after the outdoor experience to plan and analyze. The TRAX map is used during the outdoor experience to provide real time guidance and assistance. TRAX PC and TRAX are the perfect combination.

TRAX and TRAX PC maps are available for many states including North Dakota, Minnesota, Montana, Wyoming, New Mexico, Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Nevada.


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