Introducing the SideWinder Planer Board

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Sidewinder Planer Board

In my years as a fishing enthusiast I have come to realize that this industry tends to be full of copycats and knock offs and the planer board market is no different. I want to share with you a product that I recently came across that defies this pattern, that product is the SideWinder planer board from axfishing.

At first glace it looks like a kids toy or some sort of rocket ship but its design is an engineering marvel designed to take the headache out of planer board fishing. What headaches are we talking about well here is the laundry list.

  1. All other planer boards require a port and starboard model, not the SideWinder it works from both sides of the boat or riverbank. It does this with a simple adjustment to the bill and how you place the line in the release.

  2. Other planer boards have to be placed on the line and removed in order to land the fish, not the SideWinder. Your line slides through it and never has to be released which means you won’t loose those fish as you fumble around trying to get the planer off your line.

  3. Other planers will, in rough water, hook and dive or flip over and run across the back of the boat, not the SideWinder. Its design, with big water bill, makes the planer self-righting meaning more time fishing and less time re-rigging. I’ve witnessed the SideWinder completely disappear under water only to pop right back up into position.
  4. Other planers are very heavy and require heavy rod and line to operate, not the SideWinder. This device weighs in at approximately 2 ounces, which allows you to use it with line as light as 6lb test.
  5. Other planers are extremely expensive, not the SideWinder. The SideWinder clocks in at a price comparable to most crankbaits on the market.

Sidewinder planer board

The Sidewinder planer board is a tool that I use for pulling crankbaits and spinner/weight combinations

The SideWinder is a tool that I use for pulling crankbaits and spinner/weight combinations up to 1 ½ ounces. If you like to use lines from 6-17lb test and are tired of the headache created with other planers give the SideWinder a try I’m sure you will find it to be a great tool as well.

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One Comment on "Introducing the SideWinder Planer Board"

  1. ralph penton on Mon, 29th May 2017 4:25 pm 

    I need to get down to 20′. Can I use crescent weights with a sidewinder planer board?

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