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The Nodak Outdoors has excellent ice fishing information for a variety of species. Whether you’re targeting suspended bluegills and crappies, jigging for walleyes hugging the bottom, or running tipups for pike; we share your passion for ice fishing! We’re always accepting articles from the public on ice fishing, contact us for more information on guidelines and returns!

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Ice Thickness for Ice Fishing

Less than 4 inches – please don’t go ice fishing. There is no reason to test the newly formed ice at this time. If you still proceed out, wear a life jacket, use ice picks in case you fall through and need to get out, and use a pole to poke the ice in front of you.

4-6 Inches – Ice fishing, foot travel in single-file lines, and small spaced seating on the ice should be safe, presuming the ice is clear and clean. If you’ve gotten a lot of snow or had some recent warm spells be VERY careful for weak spots.

6-10 Inches – Snowmobiles and ATV’s can travel safely on good ice that is over inches thick. Ice fishing out of your vehicle should not be an option.

10-16 Inches – Small cars and pick-ups can begin to venture on to the ice. However, the MN DNR states that it is best to avoid driving on the ice whenever possible. If you do, please keep your windows rolled down. This will allow an easy exit in case you fall through.

16+ Inches – A medium-sized car or mid-size pickup can drive on good clear solid ice. But as the saying goes, there’s no such thing as safe ice so keep the tips above in mind.

Tight Lines this Winter & Good Luck Ice Fishing!

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