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Nick Simonson

The Rapala X-Rap is an extremely versatile crankbail.

The Rapala X-Rap is an extremely versatile crankbail.

Hang in there, it can’t snow forever.

As if spring fever wasn’t bad enough, a fresh 16 inches of snow over the last week has put the “cabin” into “cabin fever.” But while nature-induced lockdown might dampen most spirits; anglers know that now is the time to stock up on tackle and read up on some new baits that could be the ticket to bigger walleye, bass and pike this year.


Rapala has done it again, adding two new tweaks to their already popular line of balsa wood crankbaits. The Rapala X-Rap has been a deadly jerkbait for shallow bass and springtime pike. In the next most logical step, the company has added a diving bill to their “extreme action slashbait” to target those fish that hold deeper, like walleye and post-frontal bass. With the same dressed treble and wild wobbling action, the deep-diving X-rap should be a popular choice for the upcoming season.

In a combination that many fishermen have been waiting for, Rapala has melded the qualities of the Original Minnow bait that got it all started, with the Shad Rap bait that kept the company at the apex of lure sales. The new Minnow Rap combines an elongated baitfish profile and subtle action with the trolling capacity of the classic Shad Rap. The Minnow Rap will be a “must-try” for the upcoming season.

The new Mister Twister G-Grub looks to be a proven lure in the classic line of baits

The new Mister Twister G-Grub looks to be a proven lure in the classic line of baits

Based on the growing reputation of Salmo’s Hornet line of hard baits, the Polish lure company has advanced on its wildly-popular design with the new Executor model of crankbait. With a more shad-shaped appearance, the Executor incorporates the Hornet’s wiggle with a more prominent forage profile.


In a market where nearly every shape, combination and configuration has been molded, carved and produced, new baits become hard to find from year-to-year. 2007 may be an exception as major lure companies have put on their thinking caps to produce baits that have never been seen before.

New for the upcoming season is Yum’s Dancin’ Eel. The Eel combines the head and lip of a crankbait, the undulating tail of a soft plastic, and a built-in, refillable scent chamber to help trigger all species of fish. Capitalizing on the company’s Live Prey Technology system, the lure can be filled with scent as needed.

Mister Twister has been a leader in the soft plastics arena for decades. Whether it’s the seven-inch curly-tail bass worm or the three-inch twister grub, the company has been a staple on tackle-shop shelves for years with its classic baits. Tried and true, new baits are fewer and farther between with the company. But this year, Mister Twister has broken the mold with its new G-Grub, a twisting, turning tornado of action in three- and four-inch sizes. The lure looks like a razorback combined with the standard curly-tail grub that made the company famous, and action is promised to be intense. In twenty colors, the G-Grub will fit most fishing applications, and possibly replace the company’s classics as its most popular bait.

These lures and more will highlight the upcoming fishing season, load up on them and get ready for openwater, because it really can’t snow forever…in our outdoors.


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