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by Bob Jensen

For some anglers in the southern states and some of the western states, open water fishing season has arrived.

For those of us in the Upper Midwest, northeast, northwest, and Canada, open water fishing is still weeks or months away.

For all of us though, now is a good time to think about the fishing we’ll be doing in open water this season.  Sports and boat shows are going on right now in many areas, and many retail sporting goods and marine dealerships are having open houses and other events that will appeal to anyone who likes to go fishing.  These events are great opportunities to learn how you can be more successful on the water this fishing season.  Here’s why.

successful angler

Put yourself in this picture. Attend a sportshow or fishing tackle dealer event to learn how you can be a more successful angler

Most retail events and sportshows feature fishing seminars.  Some of the presenters are nationally known fishing authorities, others are regional, and there will also be some local experts.  The national folks will be presenting seminars that will include information that perhaps hasn’t reached your area yet, but will help your fishing.

The regional and local anglers will have some very good insight to the lakes and rivers that you fish.  Some of these presenters will be guides who fish the exact same areas that you do, but they’re on the water every day.  Think of the help they can provide you regarding fishing.  Just keep in mind that some of these folks might want to protect some of their best fishing spots and tricks.  They’ll give you good information, but maybe not great information.  Nonetheless, good information from an expert angler will help your fishing.

Also, most of these anglers will be around before and after their seminars.  That’s a great time to speak with them one-on-one and maybe get some ideas that you can apply to your specific needs.  Just remember that there are other anglers who would like some time with the expert.  Ask your question, then give someone else a chance.

There will also probably be representatives from the various manufacturers.  They’re there to help you learn more about their products.  Most of these reps know their product lines inside and out.  If you’re looking for a rod or reel or line or whatever, they can help you determine which product in their line-up would best fit your needs.  If a new rod is in your future, ask several of the different rod reps what they would suggest for you.  Once you have that information, you can make an informed decision.

And, in addition to all the stuff you can learn at these events, many folks find it fun to just hang out with other people who enjoy fishing.  For many, camaraderie is an appealing part of fishing, and you can certainly find opportunities to socialize at sportshows and dealer events.

Cabela’s Spring Great Outdoor Days events take place in March: Other retailers events and sportshows are also held in March.  So, if the weather is too cold to go open water fishing, or too warm to go ice-fishing, you’ve still got a great opportunity to learn more about fishing when you do go.  Attend a sportshow or retailer event. You’ll have a good time, and you’ll learn more about fishing.  We’ll see you there.

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