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Biden starts his war on guns

PostPosted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 10:53 pm
by Plainsman
In a blanket statement Friday, the former vice president vowed to “defeat the NRA” and fulfill the radical left’s gun control wish list.

Remember the liberals said they were not gun grabbers? Remember our RINO friends who said he was saying that to get elected? Even after the democrats took the senate the gullible kept denying it wojkd happen. Its only a few days and Biddn will begin his radical agenda. You know what the liberals and false republicans will day? They will say yes, but its only reasonable gun control. They will say its only assault weapons. They will say he will not ban more, and if he does they will say yes, but its only reasonable.

Have you looked at Gun Broker? One guy asked $175 per 1000 primers. He had 7000 and sold them all. Another is asking $100 a box of 20 for common rifle rounds. Onr guy bought ten boxes. This may be the last ammo you get.

Re: Biden starts his war on guns

PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2021 12:15 pm
by dakotashooter2
Biden talks big but I don't think some of the stuff is gonna fly.. like the magazine tax. First the tax is many times more than the magazine is worth, second its almost logistically impossible. How do you tax millions of magazines (undocumented) currently in circulation ? They will need to be serialized and registered to know who and how many. Do they think people are just gonna give them up? is the BATF gonna stake out rifle ranges to see who shows up with them? I may have several hi cap magazines for my bolt action rifle am I gonna have to register them too. And I think the current ammo shortages may have swung some of the democratic gun owner to our side of this issue. They never though gun control would effect them. Now they are seeing the potential that it would.

If they are gonna put a ridiculous tax on ammo or magazines I want to see a ridiculous tax on booze. Cause by their thinking that should save lives.( I wonder if Pelosi would like a $200 tax on every bottle of booze she buys?