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Covid re-visited..

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 8:11 am
by Chuck Smith
So last night was the first night of a billards league I am in.

I got together with my team and we all caught up since we have been apart and with COVID haven't be able to meet up like we normally would.

Anyways... One of our team members wife and daughter had covid. So I asked him how that all went and what not. He immediately got upset. Here is why.... (Now this is in the state of MN. Dont know if it is like this in other states)

So in our town they are doing a hybrid learning.... you can stay home and learn or go to school in person. With every other day or two days in arrow are home or in person. The schedule always keeps changing. Anyways...The night before the "in person" his daughter was basically stating she wanted to "skip" the in-person and just stay home. The night he asked her if she was sick... she gave the "my stomach hurts" and he could tell she was lying. Because she said... well I can go after lunch. He told her "No" and to get to bed. Well later that night he sees she is up on her phone talking with people and what not. Acting normal... well he told her to go to bed and put the phone down... well a few hours later... same thing. Anyways... she was FINE. No issues with "stomach hurts". So next day he tells her to get ready for school and she is just slow and not wanting to go to school. He goes to work and finds out that she talked his wife into calling in so she could stay home. So this is the preface... Well she missed school and then next day was in home.. so the nurse called and said that the rules of the school is that if someone is sick they can't come back to school with out getting a COVID test. Which is good. Well his daughter tested positive... and so did his wife. My friend and his other two children all negative. So they did the quarentine stuff and the daughter never felt sick at all. His wife got head aches and he said just a bad case of the "sniffles" type thing with a little cough. Nothing major.

Well they all get tested again and results negative... then they all tested one more time to make sure... negative. So three of them had 3 negative tests. two had one positive then negative. My friend has on his phone the records of the three negative tests. He goes onto his medical portal... it says on his record.... HE WAS COVID POSITIVE. So this guy doesn't let things like this sit. He called up and asked what is going on. Well they explained to him.... BY THE STATE OF MN RULES WE HAVE TO REPORT EVERYONE IN THE HOUSEHOLD AS COVID POSITIVE EVEN IF THEY TESTED NEGATIVE. yes... read that again. So the numbers I have been reporting about "new cases" or positive cases could be totally false!!!

So again a family of 5 with only two testing positive.... equals 5 positive tests in the state of MN because they live together. So lets just do a little math... MN has as of yesterday about 117,000 cases. The average household in MN is about 2.5 per household. So if you divide the 117000 by 2.5.... you get roughly 47000 house holds had covid.... now lets say that only 1.5 people had it... so now multiply 47000 by 1.5 people in the household "had covid"... The number could be in MN that 70,5000 people got covid... not 117,000. That is a 40% decrease in cases. Now lets look at that on the national level... if each state is doing what MN is doing... hmmmm.... so decrease 7.5 Million by 40%... that is 4.5 Million people have had covid.

So how bad are we all getting lied too??? Then with the other stuff you are reading about Big Tech and other things... this should piss everyone off. Again this isn't a Dem's vs Rep's thing. This is about our leadership lying to us and pushing a narrative. Now I will still give the CDC a pass because from day 1 they stated they will not have True numbers until a few years down the road. But honestly... look what the goverment is doing. They are inflating the numbers to scare us.

I will end by saying the same thing I have.... take this seriously, wash your hands, wear masks if you must by "law" or if you feel you should because you are in a high risk category. But dont be living in fear because we are not getting told the whole truth :bop: :bop: :bop:

Re: Covid re-visited..

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 9:23 am
by Resky
Chuck, two things come to mind about the story you posted. First, that story should be sent to every news agency that would cover it. Not CNN or the likes as they would just squash it but maybe Foxnews or OAN. People should be made aware that the numbers being reported are screwed around and do not represent the truth. Second, how in the world does two people have the virus in a household and three others in the same house not contact the virus? This tells me that scientist haven't clue how this virus actually spreads from one person to the other. Doesn't make sense to me that two people in a home could have the virus and three others in the same home never get the virus.

Re: Covid re-visited..

PostPosted: Fri Oct 16, 2020 10:23 am
by Chuck Smith
This tells me that scientist haven't clue how this virus actually spreads from one person to the other. Doesn't make sense to me that two people in a home could have the virus and three others in the same home never get the virus.

This is 100% true. They have no clue.

But the human body is an amazing thing. It is like if someone has a cold in your home... doesn't mean you will get it. If you take precautions.

Also.. like my friend best described it... If his wife had AIDS.. doesnt mean that the rest of the family will get AIDS.

But yes... everyone is trying to put fear in people instead of trying to educate.

They know FEAR will make people do things and honestly turn on each other.

The sad part about that story... is that the media wouldn't cover it. :bop:

Here is the issue as well... another friend of mine his wife had it.... and nobody else in the home got it (family of 5 as well)... or tested positive... so that means in my small town... that is 10 positive cases in two homes reported... when it was only 3. So yep... the school and county are making decisions off of 10 "positive" cases... when in fact it was only 3. With the state guidlines... for cases per 1K this make a difference.

But again... the true numbers will come out in about 3 years... and we all might be suprised big time.

Re: Covid re-visited..

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 7:43 am
by Chuck Smith ... -mouthwash

Remeber when I posted about how the censoring by Big Tech could be possibly hiding a household cure for COVID...

Well they didn't to that... .so far that I know of. But here is a study saying that mouthwashes could help cut the spread of certain types of covid related viruses. ... -mouthwash

So this is another "tool" to help stop or slow the spread of covid, flu, etc.

Again this isn't a "cure" it is just little things that could help. Using mouth wash could help... especially with people who are not showing major sympthoms. :thumb:

Re: Covid re-visited..

PostPosted: Wed Oct 21, 2020 3:50 pm
by Chuck Smith
Since people like to attack Trump for saying he didn't listen to Dr. Fauci....

here is a little Montage' of things Dr. Fauci has said about Covid... ... 6522079232