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Austin Texas Antifa/BLM shooting..

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 1:20 pm
by Chuck Smith
I am trying to find a link but havent yet about this story. Just saw it on youtube and people talking about it on twitter.

Anyways... the jist of the story is. An armed "protester" who was doing an open carry with an AK-47 shot at a vehicle that was driving thru the protest. That driver returned fire and killed the protester. Anyways... the antifa/blm crowd is "hailing this guy as a martyr" and are virtual signaling this. YET the people who defended their home in St. Louis are evil wrong doers.

Yes this is what is crazy about this whole situation.

BTW... the stuff happening with "defund" the police and all of the ANTIFA/BLM stuff going on will show you why we as citizens need the 2A.

If anyone can find a link to this please add it into this thread.

Again it is pretty new news story and I am sure not all the details are available. So we need to wait and see about this as well. :bop:

EDIT: It is coming out that the "protester" didn't fire his weapon per Austin PD. But the protester raised his firearm at vehicle. But possible other shots were fired at the vehicle.

There is more to this story than the Youtube and Twitter BS.... so please if anyone can find an article please post it.

Re: Austin Texas Antifa/BLM shooting..

PostPosted: Mon Jul 27, 2020 4:37 pm
by Resky ... e4662f838e

"In an update on July 26, Austin Police Chief Brian Manley said reports indicated Foster was carrying a rifle when he approached the suspect's vehicle. The suspect then shot out of their car at Foster, according to APD. Manley said that the person who shot Foster called 911 to report that someone had pointed a gun at his vehicle and that he fired at the person pointing the gun. That suspect was detained and cooperating with officers, police said Sunday morning.
The first person, according to Manley, to have fired a weapon in the incident appears to have been the driver of the car. Manley said those shots came after the driver said Foster pointed a weapon at him."

The mother of the dead guy said her son had been protesting for BLM with his girlfriend for the last 50 days. The driver of the car sped away and called 911 and told them someone had pointed a gun at him and he had shot at them. I don't care which side of the fence one is on, if someone points a gun at you, you had better shoot first if you are armed. From what I have read the driver of the car was within his rights and the dead guy was simply stupid for pointing a gun at someone.

This is the clown that was shot. What would you do if he walked up to your car and pointed that gun at you?