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Left eating its own....

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 11:49 am
by Chuck Smith
Have you seen the people wanting Chuck Todd fired from MSNBC over his comments about "brown shirts" and Bernie Supporters.

He was just quoting an article that some wrote and talked about how "social media" type presence is needed to defeat Trump. Then he and the article compared how people act on social media. IE: berate someone until they shut up or cancel those people. WHICH IS EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED WITH HIM. This is the sad state our media and politics are in right now.

Also watched a Louder with Crowder episode where he talks about the fact that no matter who is in charge for the Republican party they will call them NAZI and what not if they don't agree with them. He brought up how when Romney was running for president or in the primaries the left attacked him with the "Nazi" and what not. They did it with GWB... and they will do it in the future. It is the state that the left leaning media is in right now. It is sad very sad. Now the right is even starting to push that direction calling people communist and socialist. But Bernie and Warren are that way... the others.... not so much. But their party is pushing them in that direction. Well the extremists of that party. Which the extremists are the ones steering the car at this moment.

Honestly if a person running for the Dem nomination came out and said... NO to free stuff, NO to universal Healthcare (but try and fix the issue), NO to raising taxes, YES to becoming greener and what not, etc. If they would be left leaning and not far left.... THEY WOULD WIN IN A LAND SLIDE. But the party is making them go that direction. Honestly look at how Biden when he first announced his nomination to now.... He has shifted his campaign further left.

Re: Left eating its own....

PostPosted: Tue Feb 11, 2020 10:51 pm
by Plainsman
It's disturbing how the college age kids are willing to throw away their dignity for free everything. They are little different than beggars to lazy to work.

The only one with a little sense is Klobichar. I'm sure she is nearly as radical, but hides it well. She is doing much better tonight, and I think it's due to a statement she made in the debates. I forget the question that led to her answer, but she said, if you promise the moon and can t deliver your in trouble. The nation can not sustain what the left is promising. The problem is jealousy is clouding judgement. If you taxes the rich 90% you still would not have enough to deliver on the left's promises. Their jealousy makes them think there are more rich than there really is, and that the rich have far more than they really do. I think the reason Trump doesn't want his tax returns out is because he isn't as rich as he wants people to believe.