Fishing Gear to Remember

May 10, 2010 by  

By Bob Jensen

When we go fishing, so often we spend a lot of time making sure we have the right lures, fresh line, charged boat batteries, and all those other things that are part of the actual fishing process. And, no doubt, those are important considerations. But there are some other things we should think about that, in some situations, will enhance your fishing trip. They might not help you actually hook and land more fish, but they will make your fishing more enjoyable. Here are some of those things.

First thing: Something to cut line with. Teeth are not a good substitute for a line cutter. There should be a line cutter in the front of the boat and in the back of the boat. If you’re wading or walking the shoreline, a line cutter on a lanyard around your neck is a good thing.

Store your fishing license in a water proof container, and leave it where you know where it is.
Make sure you have a spare key for the boat and the truck, and make sure you know where they are also. It should go without saying, but they should be somewhere other than where the main boat and truck key are.

A good set of rain gear will be very appreciated even when it isn’t raining. It will break the spray on a windy day, and will be nice on mornings when there is some frost or it’s a little chilly. A Cabela’s Guidewear parka doubles as a rain coat and a general purpose coat. Guidewear is the best I’ve found for outdoor outerwear: I always have it around.

You should have a small container in the boat and the truck with some band-aids, a small mirror in case you get a bug in your eye, some sunscreen, and some insect repellant. Also, keep a roll of toilet paper in a water proof container just in case.

Make sure you have a flashlight in the boat and your truck, and make sure the batteries are fresh. Last year I discovered that the Energizer folks make some really nice flashlights that are perfect for boats and trucks. They’re compact but have a very good beam, and they’re really durable. There’s one that clips to the bill of your cap, so you can use it hands-free. A person doesn’t appreciate a flashlight until they need one. There have been a couple times when a flashlight really saved the day for me.

Keep some spare batteries in the boat or truck for your minnow bucket aerator, your handheld GPS, your camera, and any other thing that runs on and out of battery power.
The things just mentioned might not actually make more fish bite, but they might enable you to spend a little more time on the water, and I guess indirectly, that will maybe make more fish bite. If that’s the case, then you should have them whenever you go fishing.

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