Early Season Goose Hunting Anticipation

March 23, 2009 by  

To many the early September season doesn’t conjure up images of a traditional waterfowling experience. With the potential for temperatures into the 90s and mosquitoes still claiming their throne as kings of the prairie, there is no doubt that the early season is accompanied by some nuisances. However these are minor annoyances that can be easily overshadowed as geese lock their wings and commit to the spread.

The opening day of the 2002 Early Canada goose season really brought this to light. The evening before the opener we scouted a field we had been watching for over a week. The field continued to serve as a feeding ground for a good number of Canada geese. A look at the thermometer that afternoon showed temperatures in the 90s. It was evident that opening day wasn’t going to be a typical day in the decoy spread. As anticipation reached an almost unparalleled level we discussed the final plans for the next morning’s hunt. We discussed decoy placement, blind location, calling strategies and other details of the upcoming morning’s hunt. This was it, the day we had been waiting for since the last day of the Spring Snow Goose Season was finally here.

Overnight a front had moved through and was accompanied by a rain shower. The rain proved to be just enough to prevent us from driving into the field. We were going to have to carry in all the decoys, blinds and other equipment. As luck would have it the location in the field where the geese were feeding was in the middle of a section almost a half mile from the nearest accessible road. So begin the trek, after 5 trips back and forth from our vehicles we finally had our decoy spread assembled. Needless to say we had worked up a sweat during our quest to put together our spread. When we completed the task, it was still about 30 minutes before shooting time.

We had just enough time to relax in our blinds and patiently wait for the eastern sky to display the brilliant colors that accompany each sunrise. Just as we settled into our blinds, the air was filled with a distinct sound that anyone who has spent time in the outdoors in the northern plains is very familiar with…..the buzz of hundreds…thousands of mosquitoes. The brilliant sunrise was soon overshadowed by the constant harassment of mosquitoes. As the first group of geese left the roost we were oblivious as we were fighting off the little pests. Before we knew it we had geese banking on our spread. In all our preparations, we forgot to pack perhaps the most important piece of equipment for the Early Season…Mosquito Repellent!

The anticipation and excitement linked with the first group of birds to work the spread had been lost because we were fighting off mosquitoes. The heat of the day finally began to force our biting adversaries to other areas. As the geese continued to filter from the roost and head towards our spread the annoyances of the early morning faded like the dark western sky.

After the final group worked our spread, we all agreed that the day had been a success. We reminisced about the birds that had committed to the decoys and the birds that flared. We discussed the nice shots and the easy misses. As we began to pick up the spread, we were thankful for the early September heat as the field now dried enough for us to drive out to pick up the spread. The heat ended up being a blessing in disguise.

September brings different challenges than other portions of the season, so when you make your plans for an Early September hunt, remember your bug spray and don’t curse the heat as it may end up making your hunt a little bit easier.


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